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Photo: © Dominika Maria Alkhodari

The viol and the lute are close cousins. There is much exquisite music written for each by some of the great composers of the Renaissance and Early Baroque periods and the two played together are “greater than the sum of the parts”, as one reviewer said recently.

Jacob Heringman and Susanna Pell have been musical colleagues for 35 years and have both enjoyed distinguished careers; Jacob as a soloist and with many prominent period ensembles; Susanna as a freelance performer and member of the pioneering groups, Fretwork and The Dufay Collective.

In 1999 they celebrated their marriage. Composer, Andrew Keeling, wrote a piece, Pellingmans' Saraband, to mark that occasion.

Now they take that title for their musical collaboration as they explore the unique sonority of a bowed fretted instrument with a plucked and bring some of the greatest music of the Renaissance and Early Baroque period to life.